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In today's increasingly digital age, police departments need to have technical training to effectively carry out their duties. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in law enforcement, from surveillance and data analysis to communication and investigation. Without proper technical training, police officers may struggle to use these tools effectively, which can lead to mistakes, inefficiencies, and even safety risks.  With learn a cop, we can provide quality online training that gives law enforcement officers the skills they need to operate in a technical world.

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  • $60

AirTag Investigations

  • Course
  • 40 Lessons

Staying ahead in the investigative domain necessitates a keen understanding and mastery of the latest technological advancements. One such groundbreaking innovation is Apple's AirTag technology, which has redefined how we track and recover valuable items. The potential application of AirTags in investigative work is immense, and mastering its use could be a game-changer in solving cases swiftly and effectively.

  • Free

Basic Computer Stuff

  • Course
  • 26 Lessons

You have a computer sitting at your desk but did you ever receive any training on it? This short training session will give you just enough knowledge to feel comfortable enough to make eye contact with the machine.

  • Free

Preservation Order Templates

  • Download
  • 28 Files

A 2703(f) preservation order is a court order that requires a service provider to preserve certain records and other evidence that may be relevant to an investigation or legal proceeding. This type of order is authorized by section 2703(f) of the Stored Communications Act (SCA). These templates are provided for you to edit with your agency information and send to the corresponding company.

  • Free

Unraveling the Mystery of Hashing in Law Enforcement

  • Course
  • 10 Lessons

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, law enforcement is continually adapting to keep pace with the digital world. One such adaptation is the use of a technique known as 'hashing'. While it may sound like a breakfast dish, in the realm of digital forensics, it's a tool that's as crucial as a magnifying glass. But what is hashing, and how does it play a role in law enforcement? Let's unravel this mystery.